Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Start multiple conversations in a Chat Room

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Use the new Google Chat to discuss different topics within a Room. Having multiple ongoing conversations helps everyone share information and ideas. Start a new thread and follow relevant ones helps you stay in touch and focused.

Start a different conversation in a room:

  1. Go to or locate Rooms in Gmail.
  1. Select the room.
  1. At the bottom, click New thread Room Name.
  1. Enter the message and then press Enter.

    Follow that thread! 

    When you follow a thread, the number of new messages appears next to the person or room. You automatically follow threads you start, reply to, or are @mentioned in.

    1. Open or locate Rooms in Gmail.
    2. Select the room.
    3. Point to the thread, and in the top right, click Follow.
      To stop following the thread, click Following.
    4. (Optional) To get notifications for threads you're following:
      1. Click Settings  and then Settings.
      2. Select the web and desktop options for threads.

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