Monday, April 27, 2020

Remote Macalester: By the Numbers

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Remote Macalester: By the Numbers infographic is a snapshot of how ITS services changed to support remote teaching, learning and working. Starting on March 16 2020, managers worked with members of their staff to allow as many employees as possible to work remotely, with the goal of limiting the number of people on campus. All classes moved to remote learning beginning Monday, March 30 2020.

Which numbers are up?

VPN connections — 1,501 more
Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides secure connections to Macalester’s network. We compared the 1,560 connections on 4/1/2020 with the 59 connections on 2/3/2020.

ITS Help Desk tickets — 20% more
The ITS Help Desk went remote on March 16, along with most of the ITS staff. The average number of helpdesk tickets received during March and April between 2014 and 2019 was 906. During all of March and the first half April of 2020, the actual number of helpdesk tickets received is 1,045.

Teaching Workshops — 232 Participants
Academic Technology Services offered in-person and over-Zoom remote teaching workshops for faculty. If you had attended any of these workshops, you would have seen Macalester faculty leaning-in to learning about remote teaching.

New VoiceThread Users — 1,210 more
VoiceThread is a learning tool for enhancing student engagement and online presence. With VoiceThread, instructors and/or students can create, share, and comment on images, slide decks, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload.

Moodle — 32% increase in activity
Moodle, our Learning Management System, has seen a lot more activity since remote learning began on March 30. Faculty and students are taking advantage of Moodle forums to stay in touch.

Zoom accounts — 1,965 more
Prior to purchasing a Zoom site license for the college in March 2020, Macalester had 33 pro licenses.

Zoom Meetings — 112 average per day
There's always space to meet in the cloud! Before Remote Macalester, there were so many ways to find a place to meet: Events Management System, Google Calendar, or walk over to Dunn Bros Coffee.

Virtual Lab — 159 sessions
Remote Macalester is offering select specialized applications virtually via Amazon AppStream as a pilot program to accommodate remote teaching and learning. Applications that are not available to install on personally owned devices, or applications that may not run well on some computers, are available in AppStream. Since its launch in late March 2020, there have been 159 unique sessions.

Virtual Lab Use — 78 minutes on average
Since the computer labs closed, students and faculty have spent an average of 78 minutes per visit in the virtual computer lab.

Which numbers are down?

WiFi device connections — 2,344 fewer
February 3 2020, average number of devices connected in an hour was 2,706 connections compared to 365 devices on April 1 2020.

eduroam connections — 40% decrease
Safer-at-home orders mean less travel for faculty, staff and students. The Macalester community has been securely connecting their devices with other eduroam-participating institutions across the globe since 2016.

Pages Printed — 96,446 fewer
Students print a lot less at Remote Macalester! For example: 176,583 pages were printed in February 2020 compared to 80,137 printed in March 2020.


Remote Macalester: By the Numbers infographic designed by Eleanor McGrath, Asset Management Specialist, Information Technology Services.

Data collected from eLumin, WebHelpDesk, Zoom, Moodle, PaperCut, ClearPass, VoiceThread. Cisco. Remote Macalester: By the Numbers & Charts (gslide)

Many thanks to ITS for their contributions in creating this blog post: Eleanor McGrath, Jesse Voight, Alan Nord, Brooke Schmolke, Brad Belbas, Eric Handler, Gabe Stitzel, Ted Wilder, Rachel Weaver, Suzanne Durkacs, Jenn Haas

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