Monday, January 20, 2020

Google Docs URL Hacks Everyone Can Use

Ways to create new Google files

Use the browser address field to generate new G Suite files by adding the word “create” to the end of the address.

New Google Doc:
New Google Sheet:
New Google Slide deck:
New Google Drawing:
New Google Form:

Try out these shorter, quicker ways to create new Google Sheets, Docs and Slides.

Refer to a spot within a Google Doc

Refer collaborators to a particular bookmark within a document by sharing the bookmark’s URL.
  1. Place insertion point where you want the bookmark.
  2. Go to Insert > Bookmark.
    " "
  3. Bookmark: appears. Right-click on Link and then copy the link. Now you can paste the link to share the bookmarked Google Doc and anyone who has permissions to view the document, will follow the bookmark.
    " "

Alternately, you can refer to a document’s heading, since it appears in the URL.

" "

Makin' copies!

Make a copy by replacing edit with copy.
Great option when you want to people to make their own copy of for a class project or training session.
" "

Try it, you'll like it!
Make a copy of Makin' Copies (doc)

Make a copy with comments. Replace edit with copy?copyComments=true" "

Give it a try!
Make a copy with comments (doc)

Make a preview appear before copying. Replace edit with template/preview
" "

Try it:
Make a copy with template preview (gdoc)

Share a clutter-free view. Replace edit with preview.
" "

Do it!
Makin' copies preview (gdoc)

Makin' PDFs & more!

Share a direct download of a PDF version of your document

I'm not a huge fan of PDFs since they typically mean a dead-end for website visitors. But, sometimes a PDF can be a handy option. 

Google Docs and Sheets: Replace edit with export?format=pdf
" "

Google Slides & Drawings: Replace edit with export/pdf
" "

Direct downloads are not limited to PDF. Other file types also work. Instead of using pdf in URL, try png, jpg, pptx, xlsx, docx, html, or txt.

Sharing Tips

Hacking the URL does not replace sharing the Google Doc. For some, that may be view only. For collaborators, that may be edit.


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