Thursday, October 24, 2019

VPN 101


Use Macalester’s virtual private network (VPN) to improve your security when you connect to public wifi at the airport, coffee shop, hotel or at home. Our VPN can provide a secure internet connection to keep your data, and the data you have access to, safe.

Public wifi is not secure.

Public wireless networks are available in all sorts of locations in most metropolitan cities. These wireless networks, while convenient, don’t provide any level of encryption between your device and the company providing the open network. Without encryption, any website or application you visit can be easily deciphered by the network provider or other users on the same network. They may not be able to see specifically what you are doing, but, for example, they can find out you were on Instagram and for how long. Anytime you are not on a trusted network, turn on VPN to protect your privacy and personal information. When using your smartphone, consider using your mobile service provider’s network if you have unlimited data.

VPN is available for all faculty, staff and students.
VPN is simple to use and can be setup on Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows devices. Follow the VPN Setup Guide to get started.

Requires VPN Does not require VPN
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