Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Google Form Pre-Flight Checklist

Creation, Storage, Collaborators

  • Form Title: viewable to the public, make descriptive and not too generic
  • File Title: viewable to editors only, make descriptive, doesn’t have to match the Form Title
  • Form description: include identifying information, for example: Macalester College, Department, department website address, etc.
  • File upload: When using this question type, the Form MUST be stored in My Drive. The File upload question type is not supported in Team Drives and will appear grayed out.
  • My Drive or Team Drives? Storage location matters depending on who is filling out your form. If you want people from your own department to fill out the form and they are members of your department’s Team Drive, you may not want to store the form in that particular Team Drive, since members of Team Drive will automatically have edit permissions to Form. Decide if that’s appropriate.
  • Collaborators: Share with appropriate collaborators who you trust to edit the form. View-only collaborators is not an option.
  • Customize Theme: Change Header, Font, Font Style, Theme Color, upload image

    Add Questions

    • Required: Use sparingly and only when necessary
    • Email: Macalester only? Have the form auto-collect responder’s email address
    • Skip logic: Go to section based on answer; used with Multiple choice or Dropdown question
    • Break up questions into meaningful chunks: Contact info, lunch choices,
    • Titles and descriptions: Use along with grouped questions to increase readability
    • Checkboxes: User can select more than one answer
    • Multiple choice: User can select 1 answer (confusing, right?)

      General Settings

      Go to Settings (gear icon) > Settings > GENERAL
      • Collect Email Addresses
      • Response receipts: if respondent requests it or Always
      • Requires sign in: Restrict to users in Macalester College and trusted domains
      • Limit 1 response: Only when necessary
      • Respondents can: Edit after submit, See summary of charts

      Presentation Settings

      Go to Settings (gear icon) > Settings > PRESENTATION
      • Show progress bar
      • Shuffle question order
      • Show link to submit another response
      • Confirmation message: Update your confirmation to let responders know who to contact with questions or other information

      Get the right Link to your responders!

      Go to SEND > Send form > Send via > Link
      • Check Shorten URL: you can never go wrong by using the shorten URL!

      Send via Email to track responders

      Go to SEND > Send form > Send via > Email
      • To: Enter recipients, individual email addresses or Google Group
      • Subject: Form name is default, but you can change it.

      Then send email reminders to those who have not responded

      Go to Form > Responses > Who has responses > SEND EMAIL REMINDER


      Test, test, test

      1. Fill out the form
      2. Look at the responses spreadsheet. Are you getting the information you want?
      3. Tweak the questions as necessary.
      4. Test again.

      After testing, delete all test responses

      Google Form > Responses > 3 dots > Delete all responses

      Publish Link or Send form

      • Test with incognito browser window. Are you prompted for Google Sign In? Is that expected?
      • Use Shorten URL or send via email. NEVER EVER copy the URL from the browser window. It’s too easy to copy the editor’s version of the form.

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