Thursday, September 20, 2018

How to Spot an Email Phishing Scam

How to spot a phishy email.
  • Generic greeting or no greeting: Is this email addressed to you or is the greeting generic or absent altogether?
  • Sense of urgency: Is this email asking you to act faster than you would normally expect, and potentially bypass actions that you would typically take?  
  • Account status threat: s this email threatening to close your account or threatening access to funds?
  • Spoofed email address: Does the email address match the display name of the sender?
  • From address and reply-to address: Do they appear to be legitimate? 
  • Forged links to web sites: Hover over a named link, does it take you to a location you would expect or a location that is familiar based on the content of the email? 
  • Requests for money or gift cards: Is the sender asking you to buy gift cards and send the account number to them?
  • Requests for personal information: Does it make sense that the sender has your email address? Does the sender seek information about you that is typically not requested via email?

Report phishing.

    1. Open the message.
      2. Next to Reply, click More (3 dots).
        3. Click Report phishing.

        Let ITS know.
        Forward the message in question to the ITS Help Desk at We’ll take steps to block the sender.

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