Monday, June 18, 2018

Meet the new Gmail look and feel

In the new Gmail, you can:
  • Change display density: Change how spacious or compact you want your inbox view. In the top right, click Settings and then Display density. If you choose Default, you'll see a preview of attachments from your inbox.
  • Smart Reply: Quickly reply to emails using phrases that appear based on the message you've received. Learn how to use Smart Reply.
  • Nudge: You might see old emails at the top of your inbox with a suggestion to reply or follow up. Learn how to show or hide these reminders to follow up.
  • Snooze emails until later: Postpone emails to a future date or time that's more convenient. Learn how to snooze emails.
  • Easily access other apps you use often: View Calendar, Tasks, Keep in Gmail on the right
  • Contacts: View contacts at
  • Bonus: The top and left navigation bars both got a refreshed look. These changes carry over to Drive and Calendar too.
New Gmail Timeline
  • June 19 2018: The new Gmail opt-in feature will start to appear for Macalester users. It may take several days for this new feature to gradually roll out to all users. For a limited time you’ll be able to opt in to use new Email--and switch back to Classic--before it becomes our standard view sometime in October 2018.
  • mid-September 2018: Users of class Gmail will be moved to the new Gmail but will be able to opt out.
  • mid-October 2018: Any users who are still accessing classic Gmail will be transitioned to the new Gmail with no ability to opt out.

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