Monday, May 14, 2018

Google Hangouts Meet and Chat

ITS is excited to announce Google Hangouts Meet and Chat will be available starting May 16, 2018.

What is Hangouts Meet?

Hangouts Meet is a new way to create video meetings, at any time and on any device. For example, you can start a video meeting on your computer, and continue the conversation on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also start a video meeting from your Google Calendar via your Chrome web browser, or your mobile device. In addition to video conferencing, Hangouts Meet will provide a US dial-in phone number that anyone can use to join your meeting, even non-G Suite users.

How do I get started?

  • Schedule a meeting in Calendar and add conferencing.
  • Start a video meeting from your Chrome web browser at
  • Install a mobile app and select a meeting or start a new one.
  • Invite others to join via video or phone.

What is Hangouts Chat?

Google has added Hangouts Chat to the Hangouts environment. With Hangouts Chat, you can meet and brainstorm ideas with your team in rooms. Chat with your co-workers, share files and other online resources, and work together on a project. Conversations are organized into different conversation threads in rooms, so you and your team can discuss multiple subjects at the same time.

In Hangouts Chat, you can send a direct message to individuals or groups. Direct messages are private conversations between you and other people. Once you create a direct message, you can't add people, so the conversation remains private. Check out to direct message, start a chat room, or message a bot.

What happens when you use the new Hangouts Chat?

  • Everyone at Macalester can create and join conversations.
  • Join conversations using a mobile app or a web browser. 
  • Messages are synced across all devices.
  • Classic Chat—the chat experience within your email—is unchanged. 
  • Hangouts Chat is not available to personal accounts and non-Macalester users.
A note about Chat history: Direct messages are copied to both classic Hangouts and Hangouts Chat. When chat history is off, direct messages in both services are deleted after 24 hours.

Where can I get more information?

Visit the Hangouts Meet Learning Center and Hangouts Meet Help Center and Hangouts Chat Learning Center for assistance getting started. The ITS Help Desk is also available for assistance at or 651-696-6525.

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