Monday, November 6, 2017

Set up your new voice mailbox

The new Google-integrated voicemail system was launched on Thursday, November 16 2017!

A new Google-integrated voicemail system replaced the CallPilot system on Thursday, November 16 2017. Voicemail messages will be accessible to you on your phone and in your email inbox. When you delete a voice message from your phone, it will delete the email from your inbox. When you delete, archive, or move the email message out of your Inbox, the voice message is deleted from your phone's voice mail, and the message light on your phone turns off.  

Here’s how to access your voice mailbox and set a password before the new system goes live
  1. From your own campus phone, press Message or dial 6666.
  2. Enter the temporary password, 13579.
  3. Follow the prompts to reset and confirm your password. Passwords must be 4 to 15 numbers.
  4. Press 4 1 6 to record your name.
  5. Press 2 to start recording. Press # to stop recording, then press 1 to accept.

Record your personal greeting

  1. Log into your voice mailbox.
  2. Press 4 1 1 to record a personal greeting.
  3. Press 2 to start recording. Press # stop recording, then press 1 to accept.

Where to get more voicemail information

Want to an overview of the most common voicemail commands? Find them in the voicemail flowchart (PDF).

Check out the Voicemail site:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Kelly Borke at 651-696-6566 or

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