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Copy and transfer your Mail and Google Drive files to another Google Account Guide

When will my student account be disabled?

  • Class of 2019: October 1, 2020
  • Class of 2020: October 1, 2021

What can you copy

You can copy and transfer these kinds of files from your Macalester account to another Google Account:
  • Email in Gmail, not contacts, chats, or tasks
  • Documents that you own in Google Drive, except files in the "Google Photos" section of Drive
  • Documents in My Drive
The original files stay in your school account. Any changes you make to the copied files don't affect the originals.

My Drive files that aren't copied

A file in My Drive won't be copied if either of the following are true:
When the copy process is done, you'll be notified by email about any files in My Drive that weren't copied.

Step 1: Verify your Gmail account has enough storage space

Find out how much storage space you’ll need

  1. Log into your Macalester account.
  2. Go to Drive Storage for your Macalester account.  
  3. Add up the Google Drive and Gmail storage you are using. The Google Photos section will not be transferred.

Find out how much storage space you have

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Drive Storage for your Gmail account.  
  3. From total storage subtract used. Is there enough? If not, you may purchase a plan from Google to purchase more storage.  

Step 2: Prepare your files

To copy content that other people have shared with you, add those files to My Drive.

Details about the copy process

  • The copy process usually happens within a few hours, but it can take up to a week.
  • Copied files might appear in batches on your Google Account during the copy process.
  • When your files are finished copying, you'll get an email at your Gmail address.
  • Each time you copy files from your Macalester account, a new set of copies is created in your Gmail Account.

Step 3: Start the copy process

  1. From your Macalester account, go to Transfer your content.
  2. Enter the email address of the Gmail Account where you want to copy your content.
  3. Select Get code.
  4. On your Gmail Account, check your inbox for a confirmation email from Google. In the email, select Get confirmation code. A new tab will open with a code.
  5. From your Macalester account, go back to the Transfer your content page. Enter the code, then choose Verify.
  6. Choose the content you'd like to copy, then select Start transfer.

See your copied files

To see the files you've copied, sign in to Gmail or Google Drive with your Google Account.
  • Gmail: Copied content will have a label with your school account name and the date you started the copy process.
  • Drive: Copied content will be in a folder labeled with your school account name and the date you started the copy process.

What changes on copied files

There are a few important changes that happen on files copied from Google Drive:
  • You automatically become the file owner of all copied files. The owners of the original files remain the same.
  • Copied files aren't shared with others. You can always choose to share them.
  • Comments are copied, but revision history isn't.

Step 4: Download files that aren't copied (optional)

  • To save your content from other Google products, you can download your Macalester Data.
  • For example, you can download your Gmail contacts, your YouTube videos, and your photo albums in Google Photos.
  • For instructions on how create an archive, check out Google’s Download your data support page.


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