Thursday, May 18, 2017

Keep Calm and Join Macalester Wifi

Keep Calm and Join Macalester Wifi

Connect to Macalester Wifi today with your Macalester username and password. Visit Macalester WiFi for instructions. On May 31, 2017, Macalester’s wireless network is being upgraded to increase campus information security. As part of this upgrade, Macalester and Macalester-student wireless networks will no longer be available and will be replaced with Macalester WiFi. Macalester-Guest will change to Macalester Guest but will be otherwise unchanged.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Alert: Ransomware Notice

Starting Friday May 12, you may have seen news reports of a new 'ransomware' cyberattack affecting British hospitals and numerous other organizations worldwide. The malicious program spreads through a PDF email attachment, makes files on a computer unusable by encrypting them, and then requires payment to unlock them. We have not received any reports of this attack against Macalester individuals.

Services affected: Windows OS

Services NOT affected: Mac OS, Mobile devices

What you need to do:

  1. Run Windows Updates. Microsoft released a patch for this issue in March 2017. Updating Windows (and restarting if prompted) will protect your computer.
  2. Remain aware of unexpected attachments. If you receive an email attachment that you aren't expecting, check with the sender before downloading or opening it.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 651-696-6525 or

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New look, same secure log in

The next time you log into Banner, JobX, New Student Portal, Slate, TimeClockPlus, IMLeagues, Beacon, Macalester Patient Portal, Medicat, OrgSync, AIM, or The Housing Director a new login page will appear. 1600grand and Google are not affected.

This change was made in order to brand the login page with the Macalester look and feel.

Contact the ITS Help Desk with questions or concerns 651.696.6525.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Class of 2017 - Keep copies of your Emails and Google Drive files

Students, if you are not a graduating Senior, this message does not apply to you–yet.

Congratulations to the class of 2017! We are proud of you, and we wish you the best as you head out on your next adventures.

Are you interested in hanging on to your Macalester email and Google Drive files? Begin planning to move your data to a personal account. Move it or lose it!

Keep your Email

  • Your Macalester accounts will be deleted Sunday, October 1, 2017. 
  • You will continue to receive email as well as all-campus and all-student email postings until your account is deleted. 
  • Depending on how much email you have, it can take several days to move it to a personal email account. 

Keep your Google Drive Files 

  • Once your Macalester account is deleted, all of your Macalester Google Drive files or folders will be deleted and cannot be recovered. 
  • Change ownership of your files where relevant. Change the owner of each individual Google Drive file. Changing the ownership of a folder does not change the ownership of the files stored within it. 
  • Do you own any assignments? You can't change ownership to your personal gmail account. Better make a copy for yourself, copy and paste into your personal account. 
  • Do you own any group projects for class that need to stay at Macalester after you graduate? Better transfer the ownership to another student who is not graduating. 
  • Do you own any work-study related Google Drive files that need to stay with the department after you graduate? Better transfer the ownership to your supervisor.

Keep In Touch

Before your accounts expire, update your contact information in MacDirect, the online alumni directory! It's the easiest way to stay connected to Macalester after you graduate. You can choose whether or not you'd like to receive the alumni newsletter and magazine, or get updates on Mac events in your region - it's all up to you. Alumni and students utilize the database for networking and career conversations, and academic departments and professors rely on it to connect with former students. Visit and stay in touch!

Check out the Graduates Technology Checklist for more info and detailed instructions.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to remove Apps connected to your Google account & Reset your password

Step 1: Remove apps connected to your Google Account.

  1. Open your Macalester email account.
  2. Click your profile picture then click My Account.
  3. Under the Sign-in & security section, click Connected apps & sites.
  4. Locate Apps connected to your account and click MANAGE APPS.
  5. A list of Apps connected to your account appears.  Review the list for any apps that should not have access. It’s okay to remove access for any app that has legitimate access to your account, since you can add it back.
  6. Click on the title, and then click REMOVE.
  7. Remove access appears. Click OK.
  8. A confirmation message appears that the app can no longer access your account.
  9. Repeat the steps until all suspicious apps are removed.

Step 2: Reset your password

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the prompts to reset your password.

Shared Google Doc is a scam. Don't open it!

To resolve this issue, follow these instructions:

How to remove Apps from your Google Account

Several people are receiving messages saying "So-and-so has shared a document on Google Docs with you." The From: addresses on these messages are real Macalester addresses for real Macalester people.

Do not click Open in Docs. If you have opened the doc, close it and delete it. If you have clicked on either the Deny or Allow buttons, contact the ITS Help Desk immediately at 651-696-6525. Clicking either Deny or Allow may install a scam app in your account. Changing your password won’t help.

If you get a voicemail prompt at the ITS Help Desk, please leave a brief message and callback number.