Thursday, December 1, 2016

eduroam, new wireless option at Mac and beyond

Connect to eduroam at Mac and other participating institutions

When you are visiting a friend at the U of M, or attending a conference at Carleton, or studying abroad at the University of Madrid, wouldn't it be nice if your phone and laptop were connected to Wifi upon arrival? Connect to eduroam wireless network at Macalester so that you will always be connected to wifi where eduroam is available.

Use your own Macalester credentials

During the fall 2016 semester, Macalester enabled eduroam, a new wireless network that one can sign into on campus with their Macalester username (full email address) and password. Once you set up your mobile device, when you go to other participating eduroam institutions locally or abroad, your device will automatically be connected to wireless internet.

Visitors use their own credentials

The same is true if someone is coming to Macalester from a participating eduroam institution. If they are signed up for eduroam on their home campus and traveling to Macalester, they will automatically be set up with wireless internet access at Mac.

Get connected to eduroam

Read the step-by-step get connected to eduroam guide. Contact the ITS Help Desk at for assistance.

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