Friday, October 21, 2016

Run Software Updates

When you see Software Updates pop up on your device, do you ignore them? Do you tell yourself, “I’ll do it later” but later never comes? Don’t wait: run software updates now and you’ll increase your security. Better yet, enable auto-update features on your devices to install the newest ones automatically. Your devices are more secure when they are up to date, reducing the chances of being hacked.  

Most software vendors are constantly working to improve their products. Operating System (OS) updates patch holes and fix problems. Anti-virus updates add new definitions and help your computer recognize, then deter, computer viruses. Regularly running updates significantly improves your computer's security and lowers your chances of having your system hacked. You can easily set your computer's default to automatically check for and run updates, so that you need not remember to do so manually.

Check out the post on macOS Sierra before updating your Apple operating system.

For more information on software updates and securing your computer, visit ITS Safe Computing.

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