Friday, May 13, 2016

Managing Your Digital Identity: A Graduation Gift from ITS

Class of 2016, all of us in ITS are proud of you and your achievements!  As you prepare to meet the next challenges in your lives, we wish you success.

One of those challenges lies in how you present yourself and your skills online.  Potential employers, graduate and professional schools, nonprofits and others are already scrutinizing your online presence. What will they find?  We want to help you make thoughtful decisions about how you build and protect your presence.  As our parting gift to you, we recommend the May 12 article, "Owning Your Online Presence: Online Tips for Recent Graduates" on the Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign blog.

For those students in later classes, this is excellent advice for you, too.  It's never too early to start building the online presence that most effectively shows your values and talents. 

Congratulations, and have a wonderful summer!

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