Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Google Apps Updates for April 2016

Just select a file and click on the “Get sharable link” icon on the top right-hand side menu.

Set a reminder for a specific time and date and get notified when it’s time. To create a reminder, tap on a time in the calendar grid, then select “Reminder.” May 9, 2016

With Goals, users can add a goal and Calendar will help them find the time and stick to these goals.

While you get tons of storage with Google Drive, your local desktop may not have the same amount of free disk space. Now, Drive’s interface will show the size of your individual subfolders as well as the space remaining on your computer. It will also warn you if there is not enough space to sync.

This launch makes it easier to view and type those lengthy equations in Google Sheets on the web, by allowing you to drag and expand the formula bar.

WOW! This is big news! As part of this acquisition, Google will make Synergyse Training for Google Apps available for free to all Google Apps customers.

Welcoming Synergyse to Google
Synergyse will be joining Google, and we intend to make the product available as an integral part of the Google Apps offering later this year.

A recap of the previous month's launches in Google Apps.

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