Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Google Apps Updates: 2016 Leap Year Edition


Scheduled 2/25/2016: To get a more in-depth view of your responses, you’ll see the new “Individual Responses” tab.

Scheduled 2/25/2016: View individual responses from the editor, use Templates from the Google Form home screen, get notified for every form response, track responses to your Google Form.

Scheduled 3/1/2016: Google will be adding a new “people icon” to shared folders, which simplifies seeing who you’ve shared a folder with and whether they have View, Edit, or Comment permissions.

An open lock icon in the message for any email services that don’t support an encrypted connection (TLS). Users who receive messages that aren’t properly authenticated with either Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DKIM will see a question mark in place of their profile photo, corporate logo or avatar.

Check out the latest "What's New in Google Apps" newsletter [pdf] for a roundup of all Apps launches from January 2016.

Instant comments in Google Docs on the Web - Highlight text or hover over the edge of a page to surface a small commenting icon, then click on that icon to quickly add a comment to that area of the document.

Instead of Visio, try Google Drawing for flowcharts.

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