Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ITS January Thaw 2016 Sessions Deconstructed

Thanks to those who attended our technology sessions during the an actual thaw during January! Here's your chance to revisit any of ITS' January Thaw 2016 sessions. First-time viewers can follow along the course notes and see how to write formulas, format spreadsheets and compare two lists with Google Spreadsheets, find and an organize Google Drive files. Find out how to protect your computer and phone. Learn some useful tips about taking pictures with smartphones.

Find and Organize Google Drive Files

Learn at least 6-1/2 ways to find and organize Google Drive files. Topics covered in this workshop include: advance search, document ownership, folders, tags, and more! 

6-1/2 Ways to Find and Organize Google Drive Files

Formulas and then Sum

We explore spreadsheet formulas you can use to crunch data large and small. Find out the difference between count, countif, and counta. Append @macalester.edu to a list of usernames. Merge data from two columns or separate data from one column into two. All formulas can be used in either Excel or Google Sheets; taught using Google Sheets. 

Compare Two Lists in Google Sheets

There are times when sorting and filtering spreadsheet columns isn’t enough. In this session, learn how to use the Vlookup function to search two sets of data and find out where they overlap and where they differ. Some use cases: compare guest list to RSVPs; find a name when you only know the username, compare who has ordered to who has paid. Use Vlookup in Excel or Google Sheets; taught using Google Sheets.

Top 10 Actions you can do to Protect your Computers and Phones

Make an Excel-like spreadsheet using Google Apps, Part 2 of 2. Learn how to use advanced features like absolute references, multiple sheets, charts and pivot tables.

Protect your Computers and Phones presentation

Top 5 Things iPhone or Android Users Should Know about Photos

In this session, find out the best practices for taking, sharing, storing, and printing your photos. Find out the what questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a mobile device. This session is for current and future iPhone and Android users.

Mobile Photography Sides

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