Thursday, October 8, 2015

6-1/2 Ways to Find and Organize Google Drive Files

1. Student accounts are deleted after graduation; make a departmental account the owner

Accounts of graduated seniors are disabled usually the last day of fall semester’s add/drop period. That means that any Google Docs owned by student workers will no longer be available. Do yourself a favor, and ask the student worker to change the document’s downer to a departmental account.

2. Add a star to the file or folder; use Starred menu to locate

Just like email, you can star a Google Doc or folder making it easier to get back to anytime. Unstarr (can you say, "unstarr?") items you don't need to keep the list tidy.

3. Use the description field to tag and search

4. Add the same file to multiple folders, without having to duplicate it

Know the differences between Add, Move, Remove, and Move to trash. Read carefully any messages that appear when you add/move/remove/or trash a file. 

5. Doc title search vs. keyword search

6. Advanced search filters

6.5. More Search Options

  • Search for text in the first 100 pages of any PDF and image files
  • owner:username
  • from:username
  • to:username
  • type: pdf, image, document, spreadsheet, presentation, form, table
  • exact match: use quotes


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