Friday, August 28, 2015

Wasteful Printing Wipeout! Mythbuster Edition!

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New Program Balances Wasteful Printing Reduction and the Need to Print

Students report every year that they wish they could cut down on the amount they print. It is also true that students must print what is required for their courses. This year the Sustainability Office, in collaboration with MCSG, the library, Student Affairs, and ITS, is implementing a program to help balance those two realities.

Printing Fewer than 500 Sheets is Target

The average Macalester student prints about 500 sheets per semester. This fall, our goal is for each student to print less than that. You'll know when you've printed more than the target 500 sheets when a negative balance appears on the PaperCut pop-up. Just log into any lab computer and the pop-up appears.

On September 24, 2015, ITS updated PaperCut's settings to correct a page counting issue. Prior to this update, double-sided print jobs were incorrectly reducing print balances by two pages per sheet of paper used. Now, one sheet of paper printed will reduce your balance by one sheet whether the print job is single or double-sided.

This counting error resulted in an average balance loss of 70 extra pages per student. To offset this loss, all users' print balances have been credited an additional 100 pages.

Zero Balance Still Allows Students to Print

Once your 500 sheets balance is used,  the PaperCut pop-up a negative balance will appear. Macalester has no plans to charge students to print.

Environmental Impact Info Graphic

Want to see your individual print summary and environmental impact info graphic? Go to and log in.

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