Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Google Updates Biweekly Post

Google Apps

Updates to core Google Apps and the major services like Google+. Also major updates that may affect the Macalester community.

The tracking information for a message, which includes the servers it went through on its way from the sender to you, is stored in the message header.

Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android lets you remotely access your laptop in a free, easy and secure way.

YouTube video: 5 Life-Changing Gmail Hacks In Two Minutes or

Google Technology

News about other Google products and technology.

Jules Verne would be impressed, but it's only one step toward an attempt to provide Internet access to remote areas.

In today's accessible technology roundup: Google wants to embed cameras in contact lenses, Apple gets a patent for a new GUI for touch devices to improve accessibility and a hacker develops a virtual cane for the blind.

Google Business

Google Business news, including policies, user privacy, politics and legal issues.

The key idea is that modern database technologies will allow commercial use of a spectrum that historically has been dedicated to federal purposes, when and where the government doesn’t have immediate need for it.

Speed is just one of the benefits of this new cipher suite.

Google Extra

Other Google side projects, including art, science and fun stuff.

April 22, 2014: Earth Day

You can travel to the past to see how a place has changed over the years by exploring Street View imagery in Google Maps for desktop.

Publication Date: April 30, 2014

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