Thursday, January 16, 2014

ITS January Thaw 2014 Sessions Deconstructed

Thanks to those who attended our technology sessions during the Polar Vortex! Here's your chance to revisit any of ITS' January Thaw 2014 sessions. First-time viewers can follow along the field notes and see how to write formulas, format spreadsheets and create pivot table reports with Google Spreadsheets. Try using email delegation to manager your departmental email account. Try hosting a Google Hangout instead of a traditional meeting. Find out how to make your online interactions safer.

Meetings, Chats, and Video Conferences with Google Hangouts

Host a meeting with colleagues, invite guests from afar, share your desktop to someone across campus, or just connect “face to face.” Join this session to learn more about using Google hangouts at work. 

Hangouts Field Notes

Email Delegation: New Ways to Manage Departmental Email Accounts

If your department has a departmental/shared email account, then this session is for YOU! Learn how to delegate access to your department’s shared email account to another person, so they can read, send, and delete messages, without sharing its password.

Google Spreadsheets: Getting Started, Part 1

Make an Excel-like spreadsheet using Google Apps, Part 1 of 2. Format cells, use a filter, create count and sum formulas, freeze columns and rows, apply conditional formatting.

Google Spreadsheets: Beyond the Basics, Part 2

Make an Excel-like spreadsheet using Google Apps, Part 2 of 2. Learn how to use advanced features like absolute references, multiple sheets, charts and pivot tables.

Google Spreadsheets Part 2 Field Notes
Google Spreadsheets Part 2 Data File
Google Chart Examples: Org, Geo, Tree, Annotated Time Line, etc.

Stop. Think. Connect. – Strategies for a Safe and Pleasant Online Experience

One of the areas of fastest growth across the planet is in the use of online services, especially social media. This presentation will provide a broad overview of recommendations and pointers that can help make your online experience be as safe and pleasant as possible.

Stop. Think. Connect. Presentation

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