Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Existing Google Forms will automatically upgrade to the new version

Using the new version of Google Forms will soon be the only way to create and edit forms. All forms created in the old version of Google Forms are being upgraded to the new version.

Migration highlights:

  • Old forms will automatically be upgraded to the new Google Forms.
  • Not all forms will be migrated at the same time. Google expects to upgrade all forms within the first half of 2014.
  • Once a form has been migrated to the new version, it will not be possible to revert upgraded forms back to the old version. 
  • All new forms will be crated in the new version by default.
  • All form data will still remain in its existing spreadsheet and the upgrade will not affect form responses sent before, or after the migration. 
  • The existing form's theme will not change.

Contact the ITS Help Desk at or 651-696-6525 for assistance.


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