Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Google Updates Biweekly Post

Google Apps

Updates to core Google Apps and the major services like Google+. Also major updates that may affect the Macalester community.

It includes notifications, a Google+ share box (if Google+ is enabled), and a new App Launcher with links to other Google products.

This means that IE9 users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services will be notified “within the next few weeks” that they need to upgrade to a more modern browser.

Each time a new version of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers is released, Google begins supporting the update and stops supporting the third-oldest version.

This will prevent your photo, name, +1s and other activity from appearing in Google's advertisements.

Starting today when Google Calendar invitations are sent to members of a Google Group, the attendee list will automatically update as people join or leave the group.

Chome will have a "reset browser settings" button in the last update, which lets you easily return to a factory-fresh state.

In Slides, you'll see their names appear next to their cursor as they type—just like in Docs.

Google Technology

News about other Google products and technology.

NYTimes Book Review

Google Business

Google Business news, including policies, user privacy, politics and legal issues.

Speculation swirls around two mysterious barges as officials remain tight-lipped.

This summer, the company sped up a project to encrypt internal systems.

Google and Yahoo said that they were unaware of government accessing of their data links.

Google Extra

Other Google side projects, including art, science and fun stuff.

Google Doodles: Halloween

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