Monday, May 6, 2013

Email Delegation is Available at Macalester

Would you like your assistant to compose and respond to email on your behalf? Have you been tasked with composing and responding to messages for your supervisor? Email delegation is now available at Macalester.

Delegate a Macalester email account to another person.

  • A delegate can be a department coordinator, academic office professional, executive assistant or any professional colleague in your department.
  • Owners of personal, departmental, or shared accounts can delegate access to up to 25 Macalester email accounts. Examples of shared accounts: and
  • Delegates can read, send, and delete messages on account owner's behalf. 
  • Delegates can access account owner's contacts.

Email delegation has limitations. 

  • Delegates cannot change account passwords or account settings for the account owner.
  • Delegates cannot chat on account owner's behalf.

Sent by will indicate to recipients messages sent by a delegate

Any messages a delegate sends from another account will have the delegates name listed in addition to the account owner's name. The account owner 's name will be shown as: Account Owner Name (sent by delegate's email).

Delegation can be revoked at any time. 

Rights can be delegated from any account to any email account. Rights can not be delegated from any account to any non account.

For assistance with email delegation:

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