Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Telephone Problems Resolved

Resolution Update, 1:00 PM: It appears that all of our incoming and outgoing telephone calling problems have been fixed.  If you experience any telephone difficulties, please call or email Kelly Borke (, 651-696-6566).

Update, 10:50 AM: If people try to call your Macalester phone from off-campus, their call is not completed, and that is evident to the caller.  Callers are unable to leave voicemail for you, and that is clear to callers as well.  If you are expecting an important call during our current Macalester telephone problems, please reach out to your contact another way.  Rest assured, people trying to call you will realize there is a problem and should try again until they reach you.

Original message, 10:00 AM: Currently Macalester telephones can only make and receive calls on campus. These phones cannot dial off-campus numbers, locally or long-distance, nor can we receive off-campus calls on Macalester phones. We are actively working with the vendor to correct these problems as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your patience.  We will send more information when the issue is resolved.

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