Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alert: Don't Go For Grovo

Several people have called ITS and reported getting email invitations along the lines of "John Doe has challenged you to join Grovo," where John Doe is actually the name of a colleague or friend at Macalester. If you open the message, you see some professional-looking graphics and text reading "Is John Doe your friend?" with 'yes' and 'no' buttons. purports to be a legitimate vendor, mainly by including the logos and names of many trusted Internet resources such as Amazon, Pinterest and Twitter - and, of course, by using the names of people you know.  However, those who have entered the site or clicked a response discover, too late, that their Google contact lists have been hijacked, and "challenges" to join Grovo have been sent to all of their contacts.  Whether legitimate or not, Grovo's advertising and publicity methods are so aggressive as to constitute spam. 

If you get Grovo invitations from someone you know, consider calling that person for verification. Better still, click the 'spam' button at upper left. This will remove the message from your Inbox and put it in your spam folder, where it belongs. Whenever you get a message that looks suspicious, don't hesitate to consult the ITS Help Desk, 651-696-6525, for a second opinion.

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