Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Macalester Google Apps Things to Start Using 12/12/12

  1. Macalester's Favorite Email extra: Undo Send
    When you click
    Send and realize that you forgot to attach the file you promised, why not give yourself 5 to 30 seconds to click undo? Undo works when setting up Calendar invites, too!
  2. Send & Archive an Email Simultaneously
    Add a button to your reply window that allows you to send a reply and archive the email with one click.
  3. Search Calendar, too Can't recall when or where your meeting with Bob is? No worries. Just open up your calendar and go to the search box at the top, type bob, and hit Enter.
  4. Hide Morning and Night Hours in Calendar
    Whoever schedules meetings at 3:00 AM?! Turn on this lab to show only your working hours.
  5. Enable Priority Inbox
    When you’re overwhelmed with email, set up Priority Inbox. Click the gear button -> Settings -> Inbox -> Inbox type: Priority Inbox and automatically sort your inbox by unread, labeled, or anything else!
  6. Apply Email Labels
    Labels do all the work that folders do, but with an added bonus: you can add multiple labels to any message.
  7. Create an Email Filter
    You can easily create a filter for messages similar to one you're currently reading.
  8. Try out Comments in your Google Docs
    Comments let you have a conversation about something you're working on directly within your doc, spreadsheet, or presentation.
  9. Collaborate with Google Drive Folders
    Create and share Google Drive Folders and use them to organize your Google Docs and keep the real-time collaboration going!
  10. Start with Google Apps First The next time you find yourself attaching a Word doc (or Excel spreadsheet) and sending it as an attachment, ask yourself this question: Would sharing a Google Doc (or Spreadsheet) work better? It's hard to pass up the benefits real-time collaboration.
  11. Read the ITS Notices & Alerts blog
    ITS keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest Google Apps changes. Check out the blog for updates to stay in the loop.
  12. Find out what the World searched for in 2012

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