Friday, September 14, 2012

Brief telephone outages, September 17–28

Between now and September 28, you may notice a brief interruption to your phone service.  To protect your phone from lightning strikes, we are updating the electrical grounding on our voice cables, and this work will cause a brief outage to each individual telephone.  This work will begin each weekday at 6:00 AM and continue until 2:00 PM.  It is very possible that you won't even notice your phone's outage. Any incoming calls while your phone is out of service will go directly to your voice mailbox.

Following is the schedule of this work: 
Monday 9/17/12:  Markim (most), Kagin (most), Dupre
Tuesday 9/18/12: Kagin (remaining), Doty, 30 Mac, Wallace
Wednesday 9/19/12: Alumni House, Turck, 37 Mac, Bigelow
Thursday 9/20/12: Markim (remaining), George Draper Dayton, Grand Cambridge Apartments
Friday 9/21/12:  Weyerhaeuser, Carnegie

Monday 9/24/12: No electrical grounding work scheduled
Tuesday 9/25/12:  Campus Center, Chapel, 77 Mac
Wednesday 9/26/12: Lampert, Summit House, Kirk
Thursday 9/27/12:  Old Main, Library, Stadium

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