Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alert: Intermittent Wireless Issues

Late this afternoon, Wednesday May 30, some individuals are reporting problems with wireless network connections.  The problems are intermittent, and are scattered across campus - they are not limited to a specific building.  Network staff are investigating the cause of the problem and are working to resolve it. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google Drive Coming to Macalester

Google Drive will soon replace and enhance what you know today as your Google Documents List. Google Drive is a new way to access and share all your files and folders, at any time and on any device. Over the next few weeks, all Macalester Google Apps users will gradually be asked, by Google, to switch to Google Drive. ITS will keep you up-to-date with useful timelines and additional information, but also encourages users to make the switch when you are ready to get comfortable with this enhanced service.

Basic Differences between Google Drive and Google Documents List
The Google Drive online interface looks similar to the Google Documents List you're used to, with a few key differences:
  • Collections are now called Folders.
  • When you first switch to Google Drive, a new folder called My Drive contains:
    • Documents that you own or have previously uploaded
    • Folders you own and the items contained within (regardless of ownership)
  • Other items that would have previously appeared in the Home view can easily be found elsewhere. You can choose different views and filters to see recently opened documents, starred items, documents that have been shared with you, items owned by a particular person, files of a particular type, and more.
  • You'll have powerful new options to search, sort, or preview your files before opening them.
See the Google Drive user help to learn more about Google Drive versus your Documents List, and how to navigate your Google Drive online interface.

To get started with Google Drive, visit the Google Apps Learning Center. Additionally, contact the ITS Help Desk at or 651-696-6525 with any questions or concerns.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Network Maintenance Day Coming, Saturday June 16, 2012

ITS has scheduled a regular system maintenance period for Saturday, June 16 2012, beginning at 6:00 AM and ending by 12:00 noon.  We will be performing upgrades, testing connections, patching, rebooting and doing other tasks to keep our critical campus information systems running efficiently.

Please expect that all networked services will be unavailable, completely or intermittently, during the maintenance period.

More specific information will be published in the week before the 6/16/12 maintenance day. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ramón Rentas at or 651-696-6633.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't Fall for Scams!

Final exams are nearly done, it’s a beautiful day, and Senior Week is about to begin! All are excellent reasons NOT to surrender your password or other confidential information in email.

Let’s review the basics:

  • ITS staff will NEVER ask for your password via email. Neither will your bank, your employer or any reputable firm. Period.
  • Any communication from Macalester's Information Technology Services will be from named individuals you can find in the online Directory and on campus. Legitimate communications from vendors will have your actual account numbers and other identifying information in them. Generic messages “account holder” or from "Account Administrator" are bogus.
  • Any message that sounds too good to be true is too good to be true.
If you ever get a message that seems odd or makes you suspicious, don’t reply. Instead, please contact the ITS Help Desk at or 651-696-6525. We’ll be happy to check it out for you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Macalester Graduates Techlist

Congratulations Graduating Seniors, Class of 2012!

As you prepare to head off into the wild frontier beyond Grand Avenue, don’t forget to check out the Macalester Graduates Techlist brought to you by ITS. This technology checklist has helpful tips on ways to save, transfer, back up, and liberate all of your valuable Macalester data.

Your Macalester accounts, including Google Apps, 1600grand, Moodle, etc., will be closed as of Monday, September 17, 2012.

ITS Graduates Techlist Items

✓ Move and forward Macalester email

✓ Transfer ownership of Google Docs and Sites

✓ Download Google Apps data from Docs, Blogger, Google+, Picasa

✓ Save fileserver and Web files

✓ Print unofficial transcript before access to 1600grand goes away

For assistance, contact the ITS Help Desk at 651-696-6525 or