Friday, February 17, 2012

Protect Your Laptop!

Losing a laptop at any time—but especially in the middle of the term—is a painful experience. Never leave your laptop visible and unattended even “for just a minute.” Regularly backup both your music and data to another device (e.g., CD/DVD, external hard drive) and store safely.

If you do lose your laptop, however, your chances of recovery are greatly enhanced if you can readily provide law enforcement with its make, model, and serial number. Use this Google Doc inventory tool to keep track of vital information about your valuables. And when you need it most, you will be able to immediately access it anytime, anyplace.

My Inventory at Macalester Google Doc is available to all members of the Macalester community. Make your own copy and start keeping track of your personal valuables right away. ITS tracks computers and other assets owned by the College, so you won’t need to do so.

Terry Gorman, Director, Environmental Health, Safety & Security
Harry Pontiff, Information Security Officer

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