Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Upgrading Faculty to Active Directory

This past summer, ITS began a major network upgrade, moving from Novell Netware to Microsoft Active Directory (AD).  AD is the current industry standard for “directory services,” the central repository for all key elements of a computer network.  When the upgrade is complete, you will see little obvious difference, but you’ll enjoy faster login times, greater security, more stable and reliable network service and improved file sharing.

The Admin server, and all staff computers that connect to it, were upgraded in June.  We will perform a similar upgrade to the Academic server next week, beginning at 5:00 PM Tuesday November 8.  Your Academic Information Associate (AIA) has been visiting faculty computers in your division and preparing them for the upgrade, and you may have received communications about the upgrade from your AIA.  (If you have not yet responded to an AD meeting request from your AIA, please do so before November 8.)  More detailed information will be forthcoming as we prepare for the upgrade.  For now, note this: when you leave campus Tuesday 11/8, please shut your computer down.

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