Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Google Services

Now that all Macalester Google accounts have been upgraded, you have access to several new services. To try any of these new goodies, quit both your Macalester Google account and your personal GMail account before following these links. Use your Macalester email and password (e.g., username@macalester.edu) to sign in.

Blogger is for creating your own blog and reading others' blogs.

Google Reader collects multiple information sources you choose from the Web into one list. New content posted to any of these sources automatically comes to your Reader account.

Picasa gives you tools to archive and publish your photos, as well as viewing other people's shared pictures.

Maps helps you get and save travel directions.

News lets you customize your own newsfeed.

Try them! Remember, you can now switch between your Macalester Google account and your GMail account - see our note from August 29. You can access any of these services through either account.

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