Thursday, July 21, 2011

Community Update: Admin Upgrade to Active Directory

We want to report on our progress in upgrading the Admin server to Microsoft Active Directory (AD). The Novell Netware Admin server has been taken out of service.  All administrative staff departments are now sharing and storing files on a brand-new Microsoft AD Admin server.  The next phase of the campus upgrade will be to make the same changes for the Novell Web and Academic servers, which we will do in the Fall.  

Since we’re using a new system, some things will inevitably look different and act differently than before.  If you see anything that strikes you as odd, whether or not it is potentially a problem, please don’t live with it—call the ITS Help Desk at 651-696-6525.  What you’ve noticed may just be new, and we’ll reassure you.  If you have identified a real problem, we will work to resolve it for you.  

Thanks to all staff for your patience during this transition!

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