Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ITS is Coming to Visit YOU!

This summer ITS is conducting a major network upgrade, moving from Novell Netware to Microsoft Active Directory (AD). AD is the current industry standard for “directory services”, the central repository for all key elements of a computer network. AD will provide a more stable, secure, current and reliable network. Improvements you’ll see include faster login times, more reliable network access and easier file-sharing.

Upgrades will involve a brief visit to your PC by ITS staff. Visits will start Monday June 13 and proceed by building and by department, so you and your colleagues will be upgraded at the same time. There is a volunteer ‘upgrade liaison’ person in your office, through whom we will work to schedule the upgrades and pass on needed information. Please be assured we will do our best to minimize inconvenience to you and your colleagues.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please let us know. Call the ITS Help Desk at 651-696-6525 or email

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