Wednesday, February 1, 2017

6 Clues that reveal an email phishing scam


  1. Image was copied from the web.
  2. Sender's address is actually a compromised Wheaton College account.
  3. Official campus-wide communications from President Rosenberg are usually distributed by his staff, using official Macalester lists: Faculty-announce-l, Student-announce-l, Staff-announce-l.
  4. Brian Rosenberg writes good English prose, unlike this awkward salutation.
  5. Signature is copied from the President's webpage and is not his email signature.
  6. Slow down. Don’t click on attachments when you are busy and have little time to concentrate.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

uPortal Error fixed on Feb 18, 2017

A fix was applied to 1600grand so the uPortal Error is no longer an issue. 

Prior to the fix, 1600grand users reported a uPortal Error when logging into 1600grand with Chrome. Other browsers were not affected. ITS applied the fix on February 18, 2017.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"New Development" Is Spam - And What To Do

Many - perhaps most - Macalester faculty, staff and students are receiving a message purporting to come from Brian Rosenberg, with "THE NEW DEVELOPMENT" in the subject line. This message is a scam, intended to fool you into opening the attached file. DON'T open it! Instead, mark it as spam and delete it.

If you have already open the attached file, you'll see it contains a link. If you have not clicked that link, DON'T. Delete the message and the attachment.

If you have already opened the attached file, and you have clicked on the link, and you have provided your username and password, change your password immediately. Call the ITS Help Desk at (651) 696-6525 if you need assistance in changing your password.

If you provided your cel phone number, please watch your phone - and your phone bill - for strange activity over the next few weeks. You may experience unexplained service outages, or get odd calls/texts from unrecognized numbers, or get charged for services you did not request. We don't know what the scammer plans to do with harvested cel phone numbers, so we cannot give you specific details about what to expect. Be wary. Call your phone service provider to determine what protective steps can be taken to safeguard your phone.